Supporting you with Asbestos Surveys

wcsAsbestos survey work is often carried out to comply with your legal duty to manage asbestos in your building – Control of Asbestos Regulation 2006. It will also be required if any refurbishment or demolition work is to be carried out.

New Asbestos Surveys

Type 1, 2 and 3 surveys have been replaced by two new types of survey: management Survey or refurbishment/demolition survey. We can help you select the right one for your business:

West Coast Surveys

West Coast Thermal began asbestos survey work in 2000, but following growth in this sector, the directors set up a sister company to handle all asbestos surveys. West Coast Surveys now provides this professional asbestos consultancy service for local councils, housing associations, hospitals and major building clients.

Refurbishment / Demolition Survey

This is a more invasive asbestos survey and is required when the premises, or part of it, needs upgrading, refurbishment or demolition.  In this instance, a record of the ACM condition is not required but in most cases, a professional Asbestos Surveyor will be needed for these surveys.

The primary focus of these surveys is to ensure:

> nobody will be harmed by work on ACM in the premises or equipment;
> such work will be done by the right contractor in the right way

The Survey must locate and identify all ACM before structural work begins at any stated location or on stated equipment.  It involves destructive inspection and asbestos disturbance so the area surveyed must be vacated, and certified ‘fit for reoccupation’ after the survey.

Management Survey

This the least intrusive survey and records asbestos-containing material (ACM) and assesses the vulnerability of the material. It aims to ensure:

> nobody is harmed by the continuing presence of Asbestos-containing material (ACM) in the premises or equipment;
> that the ACM remain in good condition; and
> that nobody disturbs it accidentally

The Survey locates ACM that could be damaged or disturbed by normal activities, by foreseeable maintenance, or by installing new equipment.  It involves minor intrusion and minor asbestos disturbance to make a ‘Materials Assessment’.  This will show how much the ACM ,if disturbed, will release fibres into the air and will guide the client on prioritising any remedial/removal work.

Professional Asbestos Surveyors

Asbestos Surveys must be carried out in accordance with the guidelines set out in HSG 264 which details Surveying, Sampling and Assessment of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) in the Health and Safety Executive’s “Methods for the Determination of Hazardous Substances.

West Coast Surveys Asbestos Surveyors hold a P402 Certificate in Building Surveys & Bulk Sampling issued by the British Institute of Occupational Hygienists (BIOH).

To ensure complete objectivity, all suspected asbestos samples are analysed by an independent by an independent UKAS accredited Laboratory.

West Coast Thermal is proud to be a long-term member of ACAD and TICA